Santa Fe Klan at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater

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RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater | Ridgefield, Washington

Santa Fe Klan

Mexican rap phenom Santa Fe Klan has something fantastic up his heavily tattooed sleeve! After a highly successful 2023 run with Todo Y Nada, the prolific Cumbia and hip-hop wunderkind is back with another trek! The Blanco Y Negro Tour serves over 20 U.S. dates, and that includes a coveted stop in Ridgefield, Washington! Folks who have a taste for Mexican infused rap staples can revel in Santa Fe Klan’s astounding catalog as he tears it up over at the RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater! This massive spectacle on Friday 30th August 2024 will feature smashing hits from his latest album Todo, as well as earlier works! Expect amazing titles like “Por Mi Mexico,” “Debo Entender,” “Te Ire a Buscar,” and his newly released single, “Ya Valio” Nobody does cumbia infused hip-hop music quite like Santa Fe Klan, so if you’re up for some incredibly unique and raging spectacle this summer, then better secure your passes now before you miss out!

Summer may be warm but it’s about to get sizzling hot in here because Santa Fe Klan is bringing his fire staples over to the U.S.! This top hip-hop export from Mexico is not only fresh from his successfully completed Todo Y Nada Tour, but he’s also making major appearances. This year, the cumbia-rapper powerhouse conquered the massive Tecate Pa’l Norte Festival, gathering up to almost 200,000 concert attendees. He also made his grand spankin’ debut in Coachella’s main stage and performed for two weekends - he’s officially the first Latin hip-hop artist to ever grace this massive festival. Lastly, Santa Fe Klan is slated for a rip-roaring showdown over in Austin, for the SXSW Festival.

Indeed, he’s a global phenomenon that’s definitely worth knowing about. This summer, in line with these numerous appearances in the U.S. festivals, Santa Fe Klan will be also delivering a slew of headlining dates in select cities. With a new hot single out and a vast catalog made up of ten outstanding efforts, the Blanco y Negro Tour is slated to the season’s hottest Mexico meets modern hip-hop type of endeavor. Santa Fe Klan is greatly known for infusing western rap influences with his fave regional Mexican music, cumbia.

This summer, fans over at the RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater will get to check out his viral hits, “Por Mexico,” “Tere Ire a Buscar,” “Asi Soy,” “Ojos Tumbados,” and plenty more. The Mexican rap phenom is also highly likely to serve his brilliantly impactful collaborations, such as “Cuidando El Teritorio” which he performed with Calibre 50 and “Debo Entender” with Neto Peña and Yoss Bones. Recently, Santa Fe Klan dropped his new single “Ya Valio.”

Expect adrenaline pumping production and blood rushing energy when Santa Fe Klan hits the big stage. His rhymes and on stage charisma are out of this world. Moreover, his stark ability to command a crowd is stuff of legends. With such immense talents, there’s no wonder that Santa Fe Klan’s got a gargantuan team behind him, including titan manager George Prajin, who also happens to manage fellow Latin superstar Peso Pluma.

So get ready for this exhilarating hip-hop and Latin music showdown featuring Mexico’s top rap phenom Santa Fe Klan

Santa Fe Klan at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater

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